• Magen Rodriguez

Broken Chains (a spoken word piece)



And staying down



And doing nothing



And repeating all over

Are the chains we were born into

From the voice of marginalized youth

The story of life is a story of anger



And chains.

The crackling rusted silver links

That bind not only bodies to designated lands

But bind the souls of generations to systematic failure and oppression

(BEAT) We first attempt the chains of the ghettos

The projects

The untouchables

A result of misrecognition

Of the misunderstood

Of the not different

But of the rejected

Humanity labeled

And lives placed into areas of total dependency on welfare checks

And lives placed into areas of complete impoverishment with

The least of all opportunity

(BEAT) Walk down the streets of desolate avenues and occupied ally ways.

Venture down past the borders of safety and enter a world full of caution and insecurity.

Witness the present lives of young people blinded by nothing more than how to entertain themselves and survive for another day.

The journey is a rush of a different culture and a different life. Immerse yourself in it and acquire the words, hand gestures, and authentic styles they produce. Watch the intricacy thrive during the day in the crowds in front of the project buildings with boom-box basses and scully-scrapping scrappers. The complexity of “the life” gets lost and literally taken from their own hands by their own hands. No place to run to, no one to save them, no alternative. I reckon that here the pessimism destroys possibility and that such mentality must be changed for life inside the walls and borders between Stillwell and Sea Gate.

Such a life is a cycle of death and self-destruction. But, there is always another way. It just depends on how deep you dig your grave and how close to the edge you dare to approach. Not only beauty but also life is in the eye of the beholder. As vision might be impaired by incomplete education, or beaten down bodies, or habit addicted minds, or restrained confidence, human nature contains morality and gut feelings that pronounce that shit ain’t right.

(PAUSE) Living the broken chain has a particular water print experience and choice between suppression and progression.

The young man gets lost in his assertion of his masculinity. He fails to become a true man. He only ever reaches and subjects himself to the shallow standards that media and ignorance has led him to emulate.

The young woman who loses herself in the game of love and drama of competition never becomes a real woman. She only ever reaches the inferiority that has for so long limited the abilities of women.

No progression in either.

With the opportunities provided by technology, outreach, priority, and moral values, living the broken chain releases its new age slaves from the life of misrecognized degradation and the misguided ignorance.

It allows you to look from the outside-in and to realize that there is something more than the cage you’ve resided and immersed yourself in so completely.

Whether the aspiration to change your life stems from a superficial dream of stardom or an intellectual goal of politics, such aspirations allow you to commence on the journey to a new life.

Think of the future and of possibility. Don’t be gobbled by the snarl toothed gangster who is lost to the directionless life of misplaced power…

Or the ignorant and cold corporate man blinded by the capitalist systems ingrained in his gullible and inhumane heart disguised in a conformist suit attire.

Learn to redefine what life means to you for yourself.

Don’t be trapped in the system, the life, and the chains of poverty, marginality, or history. Forge for yourself a new future of greatness and endless possibility.

Find a way out. Live the broken chain, don’t perpetuate or transpose the cycle of misery, pain, anger, and hardship of shackles and restraints onto another generation. Make change in yourself and you’ll make a difference.

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